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"I want a Vampite of my very own. Until I find him, I'll just keep writing him into existence." -Nicole Hill
" I write like people talk. It may not be perfect but it's damn entertaining." - Nicole Hill

Sunday, May 6, 2012

" The rays of the sun " Teaser from Legacy Forgotten by Nicole Hill

  Ailis did not sleep well that day. She kept waking up feeling a deep sense of loss. She didn't know what it was but she knew it had to do with Kenneth. He was a mystery. She knew he was the one who was killing all of these people but she could not bring herself to hate him for it. Still, she was a detective and with that came her responsibility. But what was she going to do? Arrest a vampire. She was so confused. She fought with herself over the fact that all of the victims, upon further investigation had proven to be very bad people. The first was six weeks ago and it turned out that he was a suspect in Marion County in a murder investigation. Upon searching his apartment they found the evidence in the form of pictures that proved that he had killed a High School student from Gainesville and dumped her body in a river.

  The next was three weeks ago and they discovered that he ran an adult movie company that also did teen bondage flicks on the side. She hated to find out what the newest addition to the morgue had done to end up in an abandoned theater with every last drop of blood drained from him. She hated herself for siding with Kenneth but in this case she felt that they had gotten what they deserved. That still didn't change the fact that it was her job to catch the person responsible for these crimes. But the trouble was they didn't seem that much like crimes to her.

“The rays of the sun” Ailis sat straight up in her bed and glanced around the dark room. She wasn't dreaming. She had heard his voice plain as day.

“What are you talking about?” She asked sleepily.

“The rays of the sun, that's what Ailis means. Funny isn't it?” He asked sounding as sleepy as she did.

She was so startled it took her a few moments to answer. “I thought you people slept during the day?” She asked him grumpily.

“We normally do, but all of your worrying has kept me awake.” He replied.

“I've kept you awake.” She stated. “You're the one who has kept me awake, I've never felt so sad before and those feelings are coming from you.”

“Woman I have no idea what you are talking about. Now go to sleep so that I can.”

Ailis finally fell asleep with a smile on her lips.