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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Character Interview with Kenneth and Ailis from Legacy Forgotten By Nicole Hill

Character Interview with Kenneth and Ailis

Hey guys and welcome to Good Morning World. I'm Quinn and thanks for getting up extremely early in order to join us for this special Interview with Kenneth Nunez and Her Highness, Ailis, The queen of Avalon!

Ailis answered with,: " Please Quinn, It's just Ailis."

"Ailis, Kenneth, It's so nice to have you. " Quinn told her with a smile.

"Thank You for having us." Kenneth and Ailis answered in unison before looking at each other and laughing.

Quinn chuckled to herself as well. " By now, everyone either saw or heard about you interrupting all television stations earth wide last year and announcing that the world famous book series The Avalon Legacies Written by Nicole Hill is actual fact and Nicole Hill is actually you. If they haven't, they need to bust out from under that rock and get with the program." Chuckle to herself. " So let's skip that part right now and get to the obvious question on everyone's mind right now. Why is it, we are up at 3:30 am for an interview? I was told it was because you had to get back to Avalon before sunlight. I thought you were Avalonian now, I thought the goddess fixed that."

Kenneth cleared his throat. "Oh yes. I am quite Avalonian now. As long as I'm in Avalon. Here there is not a lot of magic left and the goddess' reach no longer extends this far. So when we cross over, we go back to what we were. " He Answered.

"Oh I get it. “ Quinn stated. So lets get back to the book. These events started in what year? "

"1989" Ailis answered.

"Ailis, you were a homicide detective for MIA PD. How old were you? " Quinn asked.

"Almost 22.” Ailis answered. “ I think that's right because I graduated the academy in 1987."

"You excelled within the department pretty fast. “ Quinn noted. “ Did you always have powers or were they a complete surprise? "

“ There were always certain things I could do with my grandmother.” Ailis replied. “ Running really fast, being able to shoot very well. Mental communication, invisibility, those sort of things. “ She went on to explain.

"I know, you probably get asked to go invisible but I'm not going to. Some would think it was TV magic anyway. Wouldn't want you to waste any juice." Quinn told her with a chuckle.

"Well thanks for that." Ailis said with her own small chuckle.

" So Kenneth. “ Quinn looked at him, switching verbal targets. “ You met Ailis because she was investigating a string of unsolved murders that you were committing. What do you have to say about that? "

Kenneth shifted in his chair for a few seconds before sitting up straight and pasting an all to appealingly innocent smile upon his face. " I have no idea what you mean. " He said as he leans in and looked deeply into her eyes. " Ask the next question... Quinn" He told her in the greatest bedroom voice imitation she had ever heard.

Quinn rolled her eyes. " You can kill the theatrics. That crap doesn't work on me. " She stated plainly.

Ailis busted out laughing.

Kenneth sat back in his chair with a perplexed look before glaring over at Ailis who was still rolling with laughter in her chair. " Okay. Fine. I killed them but one was a serial rapist, another was a child molester. SKUM" He spat and shrugged his shoulders as if it were no big deal.

Ailis rolled her eyes. " Don't bother 22 years and I still can't get him to see that he did anything wrong.

Quinn looks at the camera. " What do you think world? Did they deserve to die? Or should Kenneth have let the police do their job? Go to our website and vote now! "

Kenneth rolled his eyes " The police. Do their job? Yeah. OK. I'll hold my breath."

Ailis pinches his thigh and glares at him.

“Ow. Sorry.” Kenneth says as he rolls his eyes.

Quinn chuckles. "OK guys. So I won't go to far into the story but obviously, Ailis you have some very interesting ancestors who left you a nearly impossible, How should I call it? Honey do list. "

Ailis snorts. " That's the understatement of the century. "

Kenneth reaches over and squeezes her hand.

" And what about The Avalon Legacies? These events started happening in 1989. Why bring it all out now? Also, why the deception? Why tell the world about the almost destruction and enslavement of our planet through a work of fiction and using a pen name? Why use Nicole Hill? If you were going to let the world know, why not use your own name the whole time? Quinn Questioned.

“We knew a few years ago that The Goddess’ powers here on earth were diminishing and they were dying out fast. All Gods have vast power over their own realms but the power they can wield in another gods realm is solely based upon the number of followers that particular God or Goddess has.” Ailis explained.

“ It is a lot for most people to process you understand. “ Quinn Started. “ I mean, we already know that Avalon truly exists as our government has been there and assured us of this fact but Gods, Goddesses, King Arthur and even Morgan Le Fey were all true according to you.” She finished.

“We are not here trying to get the world to believe us.” Kenneth told her. “ We will save you all regardless or weather or not you believe us. Weather or not any of you help us, we will still figure out how to beat this. We are just here to give you a heads up and see if there are any of you who have what will be required in the days. Months and years ahead.” He finished.

“ Point taken.” Quinn stated. “Now about the third book, which I'm told is in the collaboration stage, These events have happened as well. Correct?"

"That's correct.” Kenneth answered. “ These however are more recent events. I can't tell you any specifics, Ailis would have my head if I let her cats out of any of their bags. Or whatever that crazy things she always says is. "

Ailis. Snickered. " It's let the cat out of the bag. Dear. You will have to forgive him Quinn. He's older than god."

Kenneth glared at Ailis. "I will get you back for that later. Wife"

Ailis: Laughed right in his face.

" Okay. So I've also heard talk that there may be more supernatural creature out there to worry about." Quinn fished for some info.

" My you are well inf..." Kenneth Started before stopping abruptly when Ailis elbowed him in the rib.

" Oh. Sorry Love. Cats.” Kenneth told Ailis. “Very cleaver Quinn. Nice try." He glared at Quinn.

“ Okay. Okay. So lets talk about the question that you have sidestepped a few times already and I would like an answer before you go. Why release the story now? Why tell the world after so many years? You have half the world who believe you and are grateful to you for what you did and the other half who think you are a couple of loons. Why do it? " Quinn asked. “ What is it you want from us?”

" Well, that part about half the people not believing us is exactly the reason we are doing this. And exactly the reason we came on your show today.” Ailis started glancing at Kenneth. “ You see. As we said earlier, The goddess' reach does not extend to earth. Avalon is for all intensive purposes, Another dimension. After we "Came out" so to speak last year, there were those in politics who demanded visits, just to make sure that earth was safe from us. It takes great power to keep the veil lifted. Power from both sides of the veil."

" Unfortunately,. “ Kenneth Interrupted. “ There is not as much power on this side anymore. As people stopped believing in The Goddess and her power, it faded from your world. Very few humans still posses this power. If we can not create more power on this side of the veil, we will no longer be able to keep it open. We will have to separate Avalon from earth once more and permanently this time."

"So that means no more visits from either side. “ Quinn Asked. “ Total blackout? "

"Exactly. " Kenneth answered.

"We just feel that earth lost Avalon once already and we really don't want to see that happen again. " Ailis explained. “ We don’t really know what the future will bring but we can assure you that whatever comes our way, we will be stronger together than we will be apart.” She finished.

"So what is it that you need from the world? " Quinn asked.

" We are asking that anyone with any powers contact the number at the bottom of the screen. We could really use all the help we could get in sustaining the stability of the gate. You can do this anonymously if you like as well. "

"And that's it? Your sure? There is nothing else you are not telling us? " Quinn asked suspiciously.

"We are telling you everything we have been told. " Kenneth told her.

"Are you sure the goddess has told you everything? " Quinn quizzed them.

"See that's the thing about the goddess. She kinda works on a need to know basis." Kenneth answered.

“ As of now, all we know is that the power is fading and in order to maintain the veil, we need more.” Ailis told her.

“ That seems frustrating. Well, I guess we'll just have to trust you guys. " Quinn said as she looked at the camera.

"Well, you heard it here first world. "To believe or not to believe. That's is the question. Is the fate of the world now depending on weather or not we " believe" ? Or is this just simply an attempt to keep the gate open to earth? I guess we'll wait and see. For those few of you left out there that haven't read Legacy Forgotten; The first installment of the Avalon Legacies or Legacy Foretold; The second in the series, check them out on Amazon and be waiting for the third installment; entitled: Legacy Forsaken. I know I will be. Thanks for joining so early and I'll see ya tomorrow at the regularly scheduled time of 8am. "Ailis: "We just feel that earth lost Avalon once already and we really don't want to see that happen again. "