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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just thought of a great @AmazonKindle @MasterCard Commercial!

Just thought of a great @AmazonKindle @MasterCard Commercial!

Kindle-= 89.99
Price of your average Kindle book= 2.99
Having an alternate reality with you wherever you are= Priceless 

Think about the awesomeness. You got this normal dude in his boring office staring at the lovely red head in the desk across from him. He goes outside for his lunch break. He opens his Kindle and suddenly he is the fearless knight in shining armor fighting the dreaded dragon, saving the red headed princess and riding off into the sunset!!!! 

Second part of the commercial is that the read head goes out on lunch break and she opens her kindle and suddenly she is the red headed princess being saved by the fearless knight in shining armor who sits across from her!!! 

How did they buy their Kindles? MasterCard of course. Duh!!!! 

I know, Imma romantic!!! What’s new!!!