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Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog as I watch Friday! #TVD Season Three Finale!

OK. So here s the score. I usually tweet while I watch shows but sometimes I need more space to rant. So I decided to Blog my review while I watch from now on. That way I can get my at the moment reactions in there instead of later. I have decided that for the very first Blog as I watch review, I will do The season Three finally of The Vampire Diaries. I am going crazy with anticipation!!! I know Elena is going to make the wrong choice!!!! Here goes!!! 

Right off the bat, Elena has this crazy dream about her getting up to get ready for school cheer leading. Went down stars and her aunt was there making breakfast and then her mom walked up. That was weird. 

Now she has a bad dream about Matt and shes all sorry? Whatever! She still hasn't made choice. I know she will chose wrong. She always chooses wrong. 

Now Elijah is back. This is probably not good. 

Holy Shit! Now Caroline and Tyler have to leave town now! Is this permanent? That would suck! 

I did not want to see that! I hate Stelena!!! Yuck! Hello Elena! He is the vampire version of a crackhead!!! Are you going to spend the rest of your life worrying that he may fall off the wagon and rip someone I namely You ) to pieces!!! IDIOT!!! Damon may be an asshole and occasionally get a little pissed off. But at the end of the day, he is loyal and would die for you and you know he can control himself. 

Oh damn. Damon and Alaric are fighting! Damon better be ok!!! 

That totally sucked. She is such an idiot! Quick, someone have a bad ass ride in on a motorcycle to sweep Damon off his feet. I volunteer for the part!!! NOT JOKING! 

This Tyler Caroline goodbye scene is kind of cheesy. 
Ok never mind. I'm freaking out now!!! Holy crap!!! WTF is going on!!! 

Klouse took over Tyler's body!!! I thought he did. Now he gets Caroline!!! Tyler is dead!!! 

Is Klouse/ Tyler Dying? 

holy shit is Matt going to die!!??? 

OMG!!! Damon met her first!!!! He made her forget!!!! No  f ing way!! Damon came to town before Stefan and he met Elena. She liked him right off the bat and he made her forget because he didn't want anyone to know he was there yet. So Stefan got her. Not fair man!! Not fair at all. That bitch Rebekah made Matt drive off a bridge and Elena died. 

Damon was fighting Alaric and Alaric Died. Damon went nuts and got to hospital in time for nurse to tell him that she gave Elena Vampire blood to stay alive that morning after she passed out. She had sureabral hemorrhage or something. Elena wakes up! That's it!!! We have to wait!!! Will Damon make her remember? Please say yes!!!! 

We have to wait til when to watch again?!!!!!