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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fringe Season 4 Episode 19 Letters of Transit

Okay so the hubby is fishing and I am catching up on fringe I am four episodes behind. I am watching Season 4 Episode 19 Letters of Transit. I wasn't going to blog about this one because the new season since they killed off peter and he came back an no one remembers him and he thinks hes in another universe ( other than the other universe) You gotta love Fringe. LOL Any way I haven't been into it but since they got peter back in even though they remember but don't remember. And some crazy shit going on in" the other universe " to. Nina's bad I think. and dude with glasses his " other self died and he is going to stay to " Help " Fo livia " Thank god. He was cramping Olivia and peters style. any wayz on to this episode which is crazy so far!

So to begin with, it starts off all start wars-ish with word on the screen about how Observers took over. WTF!

There is this chick Agent Etta and no Walter, Peter, Olivia or Astrid. But that guy Broils that's in charge is old as shit. And Broils20 years ago in the other universe did something that had to do with his son cause he asked Walter about peter and if he would do it again and he said yes. But I think hes being black mailed. That might be this universe. I get them mixed up all the time.

Shady trade off deal over what looks like a body and dealer said more. He gets shit and Etta don't know where others are. She goes to boss and he helps her. Holy crap!! Walter in Amber WTF!!! 20 years later.

So Etta and her boss, get Walter out with special gun that she flirted her way into getting. ( girl Power people!) But he is really stupid. Way more than usual. He can t remember things. So Nina sais to rein jest the brain cells he had taken out. ( gross!) Walter took those out for a reason because he was a power hungry asshole! But he dont know that right now. So he takes them talks shit about loving LSD. Walter is such a crazy scientist hippie!!! I love it!!! So he wakes up smart and takes them to where peter, Astrid and William Bell are in amber. Were the freak is Olivia!!!! They get Astrid out and the gun breaks that shoots them out of the amber so some needs to push peter out and they need peter to fight the observers! Ettas boss who I think likes Etta does it and is sucked into the amber but Broils is on his way? Did he double cross them 20 years ago? I dont know. They havent said. So they get away. Astrid says to walter. " you just left Bell there and Walter says remember what he did to Olivia!!! WTF!!! is OLIVIA!!!!???? Peter tells Etta they will get her boss back. think she likes boss back. Etta asks if peter knows who she is. Peter says Henrietta. He and OLIVIA had a daughter. WTF!!! is Olivia!!! Etta said her parents died when she was three. is that why she was looking for the team? That's where I am now and from what I saww of the next episode when I accidentally clicked on it, it goes back to the other universe. This back and ofrth gates really confusing but keeps it interesting! Wow. Etta is Olivia and Peters daughter. Shes like 22! What happened in 2015?!!! Why was bell there? I thought he was dead? WTF!!!! And WTF IS OLIVIA??!!!!!!!! WTF did bell do to her!!!