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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog as I watch Friday. season finale of The secret Circle.

Ok. So it's like midnight. I cant sleep, I got thrown in Twitter jail on #FF!!! Grr. So I'm gonna watch the season finale of The secret Circle. I watch this show , I know whats going on but I'm not " Into it In to it" Not like #VPD or anything but Its cool. Hubby does not watch the same shows as I do so I never have anyone to talk to about the shows. So feel free to comment. :) So any way right off the bat let me tell ya. I hate John Blackwell! He is a prick of epic proportion!!! Somebody Needs to kill him! And what he did to Cassie and oh whats his name with the dreamy eyes! Ass Hole!!!! And Poor Diana's dad. Well not her dad but, Her dad. He did kill Cassie's mother but I cant ever hate him. So now lets start the show!!!

Epic ass hole!!! That's John Blackwell!!!

I feel so bad for Diana. Her life really sucks right now.

Fey is gonna fuck them up when she gets out!!!

I love the intro music that comes on with the kid humming.

I would not trust Blackwell. Ever!

Diana don't want no part of this shit.

Why would Blackwell want to unbind the circle? How would that benefit him?

Jake acts like he does not care about Fey. Yeah Right. Dumb-ass Dude.

They should follow their guts. There is always a choice.

Blackwell is such a walking talking cliche.

LOL " Oh I am so back."  Fey is pissed!

Yeah right. My ass would not be standing there in the water with that shit happening!

Cassie better not let that shit control her. If only she and that dude with the eyes didn't drink that potion, he could control her. Wonder what Blackwell gets out of this. does he even care what happens to his own daughters or is he that evil?

Adam! That's his name! The whole Jake and Adam rivalry thing is funny. But is it over now that Adam and Cassie drank the potion. And does Adam really not remember? Whats up with the little chic? She got eyes for Adam now to? Wrong tree chica! Cassie still remembers!

Wow. Diana is backing Cassie!

WTF! Blackwell! Dude! you just like attacked your own kids with magic! What a douche!!!

Ebon is such a dick! Kill him already!!!

Blackwell really is out of his damn mind!!! He doesn't even care!!!

OMG!!! He is going to repeat history!!!  Where are the parents!!!

Oh no. Diana's  dad is going to take them into him!!!

Charles done killed himself. Oh look, I guess Feys mom did like him.

What is Blackwell using the skull for? Oh shit! Hes going to kill all witches with out his blood!!! Prick!!!

Dude Cassie and Diana just fucked Blackwell up!!!

Of course Diana's going to run.

What about Cassie and Adam!!!

Four new Blackwell dudes to fight next season. Only saw the backs. Wonder if they are hot!!!

Crap!!! Total cliff hanger!!! I hate those.