"When it comes to authors,we may hide ourselves from others but within our pages, our true souls emerge." - Nicole Hill
"I want a Vampite of my very own. Until I find him, I'll just keep writing him into existence." -Nicole Hill
" I write like people talk. It may not be perfect but it's damn entertaining." - Nicole Hill

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet the Men of Legacy Forgotten Or at least the way I imagined them as I wrote them. LOL


Meaning: Born of Fire
Born in : Madrid, Spain
Age: 126 yrs old
Kenneth has been a Vampire long enough to know that he is what he is. Plain and Simple. He doesn't make excuses. He likes what he is. He is tough as nails with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas. He does what he wants when he wants and revels in the fact that he does not answer to anyone. Especially some nosy Mortal cop that wont mind her own damn business. 

Meaning: Victorious People

Born: Miami, Florida
Age: 29
Collin works with Ailis. He has been in love with her for years. He 
would do anything to get her to notice him as more than a colleague.


Meaning: Brave Warrior

Born in : Madrid Spain
Age: 84
William is Kenneth's second in command. He is there with him through thick and thin. He is indeed brave beyond his young years. ( young for a Vampire) He is not sure on which side he stands. He has been taught to hate the witches at all costs but he is loyal to Kenneth and until he sees reason to sever that loyalty, he will continue to be. 


Meaning: From The God Mars
Born In: Bath England
Age: 45
Markus is the second in command to Monolo. He is even more evil than his master and will stop at nothing to rule the earth. Including having his wife and children murdered. 

Meaning: God is with us. 
Born: Bath England
Age: 1,455 years old
Monolo is evil, ruthless and on a mission. He has been trying to combine the two races for over 1,000 years and has just about driven himself mad with the need to be " The One" to lift the curse placed upon their species by the goddess in 537 A.D. He cares not what methods he must uses or who he hurts in the process. He is fighting for a greater cause than any human or witch life is worth. He's found the one Witch who he is sure is the key. He'll stop at nothing to get her to join him.