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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good explanation on how to properly tag a book on AMAZON for Authors and Readers!

What is tagging?

Authors: When tagging a book, you are letting Amazon know what search words that a reader might type in will help them find your book above all the others.  For example: My book has Vampires, Witches, Merlin, King Arthur, a War and other things as well but the point is those are the words you will type in. If you have never done this for your book, you are saying that there are no search words that would help others to find your book. Which means it ends up on page 200 of the search results. Who ever gets to page 200?! You can add these tags by pulling up your books amazon sales page and scrolling almost to the bottom where you will see the word tags and a box to type the search words in one at a time. The more readers that click to agree with your tags the higher up on the search list your book goes. 

Readers: When you tag a book on Amazon,you are either assigning keywords that apply to the book or agreeing about keywords that already exist. If you scroll down ... and down ... and down some more, you'll come to a section that looks a little like this: 

Simply check mark all the boxes and then click "Agree with these tags?" 


Because this will help the author sell more books. Here's an example of how it works: if a book is tagged enough times with the keyword Fantasy, that book will be more likely to show up when someone searches for Fantasy books.  Got it? Good. Now get out there and tag your books or tag others!