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Sunday, May 13, 2012

" At the mercy of a monster. " Snippet of Legacy Forgotten By Nicole Hill

  It must have been hours that I was at Monolo's mercy. I thought I would die. All I could think of was Beto and how I would never see him again and Alejandro was a vampire and probably gave me to these fiends. I would get him for this.

  Just then Beto ran in and with one swift move of his machete nearly cut Monolo's head clean off. He helped me up and we ran. I didn't think of anything we just ran. We found ourselves on a ship the next day and we came to America. Eight months later I gave birth to your mother. I was pregnant when I was attacked. I know that it wasn't the right thing to do but I would have to deal with it. I thought that I would never get to be with Beto again so I took the chance. Alejandro knew and he was willing to overlook it. Now, it is time to tell you the story of Alejandro Kenneth Nunez.

  Ailis didn't get any farther. As she read the name she saw Kenneth's cuff links with the initials AKN on them. AKN, for Alejandro Kenneth Nunez. She felt like her lungs were going to explode. Kenneth was her grandmother's betrothed and she had been with him. She is in love with him. She felt the hot tears pouring down her face at the same time she heard that all too familiar laughing.

  Suddenly Monolo was standing over her bed stroking her hair from her face. She tried to fight him off. He held her steady.

  “Awe.” He said like he was talking to a child. “You didn't know. That's OK baby. We will make him pay for what he's done to you.”

  She drew her energy and pushed as hard as she could. He flew against the wall. She was able to jump out of bed and run. She made it down stairs and there he was standing right in front of her. He chuckled. “You are much stronger than your grandmother was, but still not strong enough. But you will be. I am going to enjoy making you submit to me.” He said chuckling. “Make no mistake Ailis, You will submit to me. As soon as you have gone through the change you will be every bit as strong as I am. And by that time you will know where your loyalties lie.” Ailis started backing away. She had to get away.