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Monday, May 14, 2012

5 of 5 starts! The hand of God By Tim Miller

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review This book was totally different from what I thought. Pastor Charlie simms Is the hero. He " Thinks " he is " The Hand Of God. " but discovers that in reality, he is a serial Killer who is also part of an old, thought to be extinct race of half humans/ half angels. Throughout the book it turns out that he's not really been getting orders from god. It also turns out that god tried to wipe out his race hundreds of years before because he deemed them an abomination. Even though he is a serial Killer, You can't really hate him because he is killing bad people. Right? He also has some pretty nifty powers. It also turns out that Jesus is back for his second coming. And all of us who have read our bible know what that means. He learns that The savior isn't exactly what they teach in church. He is really kind of a prick. He also finds that Lucifer might have gotten a really bad rap. Charlie has to team up with Lucifer in order to stop the end of days. I'm telling you, This script is totally flipped. By the end, I was rooting for " The Bad Guys" Imagine! The fate of the world resting on Charlie the serial killer and his pal, The Devil!