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Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of the Paranormal presents: Kloster's Dream By Melanie Woodshall

Where does a memory go when no one is there to remember it? What happens when the last person to remember a memory is gone? Kloster’s Dream is a new paranormal suspense novel by Melanie Woodshall that explores the persistence of memory through one man’s desperate persistence.

After another late night at the office, on yet another late commuter train home, struggling architect Carl Kloster has no idea that his nightly catnap is about to turn into a nightmare from which there will be no awakening. A missed stop leaves him far down the line, in a town without a name, an idyllic town that is perfect in every way save one – there is no sign of life.

Disoriented and alone, desperate to get home to his wife and children, the young father is further challenged by a confusing jumble of memories which may or may not be his own, impossible memories from some future place and time. Certain that he is not dreaming, yet unable to understand the logic of this strange place, an alarming phone call that seems to come straight out of his past leaves Kloster to question his own sanity. 

A lonely Kloster’s hope is renewed when he meets another young passenger named Carrie, and together they search for a way out of the dream. But in a surprising twist, Kloster will discover that there is only one way to awaken from this particular dream, and that the dreamer always wakes alone.

Melanie Woodshall is the author of the forthcoming books Gentrification and Gravitas. She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and family.

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