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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Five Watchers By J. Cameron McClain

The Five Watchers centers around events occurring in a secluded valley in north-central Pennsylvania called Shady Glen. The people who have lived in the valley over the centuries have unwittingly helped in the formation of a psychic entity, an amalgam of potent psychic residue and a number of remnant human consciousnesses of those who are connected with the area, immersed in evil thoughts, powerful enough to bend the will of the weak-minded, and strong enough to kill. A New York City-based TV production company selects a remote valley in western Pennsylvania, Shady Glen, as the location for the latest episode of their new paramormal-focused reality TV series. The valley has been deserted for decades, and the horrors that occurred there over the centuries have largely faded from public memory. In each episode, five investigators and two psychics are brought together to investigate a haunted location. Over the course of a weekend the investigators are filmed as they try to verify claims of paranormal activity in the chosen area. What the investigators and psychics don't know is that the production company has secretly sent a second crew into Shady Glen to scare them. And what they are all about to find out is that the evil is real, and is awakening.

J. Cameron McClain started life in Huntsville Alabama, home of the Redstsone Arsenal and the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs. His grandfather was one of the flight surgeons for those space programs, thus he was introduced to the ambitious concept of humans flying into space at a very early age. Not to mention he met Miss Baker, a distant cousin who flew in space a while before us reticent humans decided to give it a go.
The first book he can remember receiving as a gift was entitled Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. Soon after that, he saw his first ghost, one of many, many such revenants who have passed by--and through--over the years. Having been introduced to the paranormal at a young age, he has enjoyed a close and mostly cordial relationship with it since that time.
J. Cameron McClain has lived in ten or so states in the US, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, India, England, Wales and South Africa. He is usually making his way through four or so books at any given time. He cooks spicy Indian curries. He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks stout.

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