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Friday, July 6, 2012

Teaser from Legacy Foretold Book II of The Avalon Legacies.

Legacy Foretold " Karma & Excalibur"

  She sat huddled behind a dumpster in the dark disgusting back alley of “Club Dead” while the rest of her crew where huddled behind the dumpster directly across the alley from her. Drake, signaling for her to stay put. She rolled her eyes and looked back to the front of the alley.
The freezing rain pelted down upon the creature. Lightning shattered the darkness and she could see his unearthly form hunched over the body of a local drug dealer. He had not yet sensed their presence in his determination to pick every last piece of meat from the poor bastards bones. She silently reached over her shoulder to slide the nearly three foot solid silver sword with it's ornately jeweled handle from her back sheath. She glanced across to Drake where he was steadily shaking his head and glaring at her. The rest of the squad made like they would fall out after her when she gave them the order to stand down. Drake glared at her even harder.
  “Karma! What the hell are you doing?” She heard him question through their shared mental link. She stepped sideways from behind the dumpster toward the center of the alley, Her sword steady by her side.
“My job Drake.” She answered him in the same way. “Now back off and let me do it.” she finished firmly and broke the link. She didn't have time for Drake and his constant worrying. She stared up to the front of the alley where the Wolfe was still devouring it's prey. Right here. Outside of a club no less. This was the part of her job that she loved. She thought, as the knowledge of what was to come and the smell of the drug dealers blood made its way to her nostrils.
  “Well X” She said mentally to her sword. “Let's jack this asshole up.” She felt her arm vibrate and took that as X's approval. Her fangs sprang free in anticipation as she cleared her throat. The Wolfe's ears perked up and his head jerked in her direction. He stood from his victim and faced her. Karma stood with her legs spread and her sword relaxed at her side. Ready but not overly worried. She could take this newbie prick in her sleep.
  “Well Now” The creature said in it's ghastly growling voice. “What deliciousness do we have here?” He finished with a disgusting smirk on his beastly face that almost made her forget about protocol and lop this perverts head off right this minute.
  “ It has been brought to the attention of the Queen, that you have not been following the bylaws of The Appropriate Behavior of Supernaturals (TABS) manual.” She told the creature as he snarled at her. “Those laws were set forth for a reason. They must be followed at all costs.” Karma Finished firmly, Not a hitch in her voice. She was not afraid of this....abomination. She knew who she was. She knew who’s blood ran within her veins. Never mind that her parents would not let her do her job without a force of knights to back her up. All of whom at this current moment are cowering in the back of the alley behind a dumpster, while she ( the one who isn’t ready to do a job decreed to her by the goddess herself!) Stands absolutely fearless in the face of this disgusting attempt at a supernatural creature.