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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indie Author Spotlight of Carol Cadoo Author of Deja Vu of Love

The Author   

Carol Cadoo

The work of art:
 Déjà Vu of Love

Where she creates. 
Cayucos California

The Genre that gets to claim her:
I think it’s Chick Lit some think romance.

The Heart Of The Story:
 It is a book about that one relationship in life we all have that is passionate incredible but never timed out right. Many men pass through your life but only one through your soul. This is the story of one of those relationships.

How her Muse Creates:  
You know I allow the characters to tell me the story and then I just channel it. So I actually write the story in my head while gardening, cleaning, doing everyday things. At some point my brain tell me okay it’s time. I then like a fighter going into the ring battle it out with the keyboards. Generally when I sit down to hit my “print” button in the old noodle computer I just go. It takes about 6 days of pretty solid locked up in the room , kids don’t knock on the door unless there is blood or cops at the door. LOL

 She wrote this and thought ; " The world has got to see this!" 
    I feel that way about this book. I just love these characters I really bonded with them. They are very cool people. I like them, especially Patrick Abbot Jazz Kellys best friend.

The book she read that gave her a calling:  
A Tree Grows in Brookly written by Betty Smith it changed my life in the fourth grade. I had never been moved by someones writing. I had been moved by the story before but never by the actually writing. I thought wow words do this to people? I knew when I turned the last page what I was going to do.

Her Biggest Writing Nemisis: 
Oh I hate the self editing process. I don’t mind the rewrite as far as making the book mor cohesive better flow, pacing. But boy do I hate to cut words I spent days, weeks, months writing . So my solution I don’t just cut I cut than I paste the work in a not this book maybe the next one file. I have yet to use any of those cut s but I find it easier to edit knowing the work is going into the garbage. It is a mind thing I think.

Her characters write themselves through her:
They write themselves using me to channel. I don’t even remember what I write. Kind of funny as I reread I laugh , I cry I live the story as if I have never heard a word. I have always been a little freaked out by the whole channeling process. Denied it for years as it is a little creepy, at the end of the day I finally just had t o embrace the process. Now I no longer freak over it I just think it is odd.

A peice of her goes into each character:
 I always include a secreat part of me in each character. I know but never discuss who has what of mine.

She is in it for the long haul:
I have been a wedding planner for years. I am now a full time writer out in my house in the middle of nowhere.

If Carol could go back in time, She's want to make the most of it:
 I would love to meet Ida Lupino she was an actress but more important she was a female director in the Golden Age of Hollywood. I can’t even imagine how tough that chick was.

It may not stand out from the millions but it'll sure give them a run for there money.
You know to be frank I am not sure mine would stand out but I guarantee it would give any book out there a run for their money. My characters are probably in my opine what most people are attracted to. I write really good dialoge and use it to move the story line forward versus using narrative to do that. I think that makes my book a little different then the rest.

Carol has learned a thing or two about marketing for free.
 Hard work in lieu of cash, I love the Mommy Bloggers if you will. I mean no disrespect for this group of savy strong moms who have become the number one resource for companies to market their products on line. I really respect these ladies . Check out your Mommy Blogs but learn their code of conduct cause I promise you they have one.

Carol. Thanks you so much for being on my first Indie Author Spotlight Participant! I have so much fun. You and I are so very similar in our writing styles. I feel much better haveing decided that maybe Im not crazy after all. LOL. I also barely remember what I write. Zone right out as if  I were sleeping. But it's so great realizing when you read back that you got skills. LOL. It was Great fun Carol and Thanks again. ♥ Ya Muah! 

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