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Monday, July 9, 2012

50 First Dates. A Sort of movie review.

    OK. So I figured I'd give a movie review a shot. It's an old movie but so good. 50 first dates surprised the heck out of me when I saw it for the first time. It is a comedy yes. Duh, Adam Sandler is in it. But it is also in my mind, one of the best most wonderful romances I have ever seen. I love stories that aren't exactly romance but end up surprising you. Now it is listed as a romantic comedy but most of those have more comedy and less of the romance. This story is all about fate and the role it plays in all of our lives. We have the story of Henry Roth who is kind of a womanizer. He only dates chic on vacation so that they go home and he wont have to settle down. He takes his boat that he's been fixing up around the island and it breaks down. Not just breaks down in the way that the engine quit or something normal but his mast actually breaks in half out of nowhere crashing down to the deck as if an inadvisable lighting bolt struck it. He then has to row ashore to wait for a sea tow and decided to wait at a little restaurant where he meets Lucy a local. By chance or did his mast break for a reason? 
   Right away, they hit it off. Henry is freaking out at first about falling for a local. When he goes to meet her for breakfast the next day, She does not know who he is. Henry finds out that she was in a terrible car crash and that when she goes to bed every night, the entire day is erased as if it never happened. He likes her so much that he spends months finding ways every day to get her to like him all over again. Some days it works. Some days it does not. But it's so funny the ways he tries. Like having his friend pretend to be robbing him on the side of the road when Lucy drives by and she gets a bat and beats the crap out of Henry's friend. Or when he got a penguin from the zoo he worked at and put it in the middle of the road so she would stop and she dropped a CD and ran right over the poor guy. He was OK but it was funny. Or when they fall asleep together and she wakes up the next day and knocks his naked ass out with a rugby thingy. I don't know what they are called. Lucy starts keeping a diary about her days so that everyday when she wakes up she can read about her life. She realizes one day that Henry had plans to sail to Alaska to research Walruses and that she is holding him back. She tells him she is going to erase him from her scrap book and she does. He misses her terribly but tries to move on. 
    After months, he decides to go on his trip. Lucy's father gives him a CD that her father said once that Lucy used to sing on days that she met him as a going away present and he realizes that she must remember him. He rushes to the institute where she is ow living and teaching and asks her if she knows who he is. She said no and my heart drops every time. She then Tells Henry she wants to show him something, Her studio is full of paintings of him. All kinds different colors types. She tells him that she had no idea who he is but that she dreams of him every night. Proving that even though her mind was broken and could not remember him but that her soul must remember him. The movie doesn't say that it's just what my sappy romantic mind got out of it. Imagine! A man loving you so much that he would deal with the fact that you forget him every night. And he would wake up every day and make you fall in love with him all over again! But at least the fact that she dreams of him will mean that she wont knock him out every morning when she wakes up next to him. :)