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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

" You have given me back the sun " Excerpt from Legacy Forgotten

He stopped arguing. Not because he believed her but because he knew he couldn't change her mind and he knew he was going to die. What hurt the most was that even though she denied it he thought that she knew to. She wanted him dead and until this moment he never realized what love was because he knew that he would give her anything that she wanted even if it caused his death. Just then he felt that familiar sensation. The sun was rising and he was going to die. He saw the first rays of light and closed his eyes tightly to prepare for the pain.
No Ailis stated. “Keep them open.
He opened his eyes knowing that he was defeated and looked out the window. At least if he was about to die he would see the sun first. The sun started to rise slowly and he prepared himself, it seemed like it took forever. Then he saw it. The top of the sun coming up over the top of the water. The water was blue not the gray that it looked at night. The orange yellow hues from the sun where cascading across all that he could see below bathing the world in color that he had not been able to see in person for over one hundred years. His eyes burned a little but not the way they normally do, more like, just sensitive.
Ailis watched the amazement cross his features. The sun was nearly all the way up. She reached over and pressed the button to release the clamps and Kenneth Bolted from the chair to the window. She got there before he reached for the clasp that held it closed.
No! She snapped. “Don't open it.”
How is this happening?” He barely whispered
It's the glass. She responded.” It has a special film that blocks out the rays of the sun and it's the rays that will kill you not the light.”
He could feel the warmth from the sun already and it felt wonderful. He was amazed. He was standing here in broad daylight watching the sunrise as if he were once again human. Once again able to love and be loved back. He turned to look at her. There were tears in his eyes. She reached up and took his face between her hands.
Are you OK?” She asked. “Did I do something wrong. I just though that…
He stopped her and put his hands over hers. “No” he said “you didn't do anything wrong. No one has ever done anything like this for me.” “Look” he said looking out the window again before turning back to look into her eyes. “The sun. Ailis…You have given me back the sun.”