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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five star Review! "“Legacy Forgotten” by self-published author Nicole Hill was a delight to read! "


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Apr 25, 12

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“Legacy Forgotten” by self-published author Nicole Hill was a delight to read! This book is good, really good! I was pulled into the story from the first few pages. The author writes with such a common verve and vitality that it was like talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was explaining a story to me.

The heroine, Ailis, is tough on the outside and has the knock your socks off powers to prove it! I love powerful women characters and she was one! Being a half vampire, witch, and hard as nails detective, Ailis is drawn to her past only to find her family has secrets that have been hidden from her for a long time.

I loved, loved Kenneth! What a twisted, messed up and downright awesome leading man/vampire! I enjoy and are addicted to flaws in characters like Kenneth, and then love comes to “bite” them into a different reality. Kenneth was drop-dead smexy! I really loved the way he was portrayed, and he sure kept my attention!

This book has action, passion, mystery, and most of all a wonderfully framed story! I was truly blown away by how the pacing moved and weaved. It kept me reading until early in the morning because I just couldn’t put it down.

The story line with the bad guy “Monolo” just came with so many twists and turns that I was saying to myself as I was reading it, “Now, that is cool!” I love stories that are not all clean cut and clear. I love shockers and unexpected storylines! Well, “Legacy Forgotten” had it all! The book has editing issues, however editing can be fixed, the underlying story and the action can’t. But this author doesn’t need to do anything with that the book is outstanding in story and content, truly! I am sure that this author has a bright future, and being a self-confessed “Vampire Connoisseur,” I will have to say “Legacy Forgotten” is one of the books I favorited, and I will go back and read again and again, it is just that good!

For content, story and just plain excitement, I give “Legacy Forgotten” a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! Great job by the author, Nicole Hill!