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Monday, April 30, 2012

Five star review A night of Secrets by Lori Brighton

A Night of Secrets (Night #1)A Night of Secrets by Lori Brighton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book from start to finish. Grayson (Gray) was absolutely heart flutter worthy the entire time. He's dark and mysterious. He keeps secrets at all times. But he only keeps them to protect others. He has only come to town to find his niece, get her back and kill every last member of the family that has her because he is under the mistaken impression that they murdered his sister and kidnapped his niece. There is also the fact that he must find her before it is her time to go through the change. Humans would never understand and they would kill her or cast her out! The only problem is that when he meets " Meg" the eldest daughter of the very family he came to slaughter, he knows she is not being totally honest with him but he just can't picture her being a murder. What choice does he have when she is telling lies and fresh bodies are piling up all around her?
Hannah's mother was murdered in front of her when she was seven. Meg found her with the child as she lay on the street dying. Meg promised the dying woman that she would protect her daughter. Then her father, a Vicar dragged her and the child into the church while beasts that looked human with yellow glowing eyes dragged off the body. Meg and her father did the only thing they knew to do. They took the child and their family and fled to america to hide. Two years later and Hannah has started acting peculiar. People are dying and disappearing and all clues somehow lead back to Meg. She does not have time for a murder investigation. She must take care of her father,sisters and also hide and keep Hannah safe from the monster that killed her mother and is most more than likely searching for Hannah. He may never give up. She has so much responsibility and no one to rely on. Grayson, The dark and mysteriously troubling new neighbor would allow her to rely on him. But she knows in her gut he's not being honest and has his own agenda. Meg notices that Grayson has the same piercing green eyes as Hannah and her mother, that at times she could swear, seem to glow. She suspects that Hannah's mother was a vampire and she is pretty sure Grayson as well. So what does that make Hannah?!
I give this five out of five stars! It was a roller coaster ride all the way through!