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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indie Author Spotlight of Mark A. Sprague Author of Faith of a Vampire: Sophia's Redemption

If you’re looking for a silly, superstitious story, all about sex, billowy curtains in bedchambers, and (God forbid) sparkly teenagers, then this book is not for you.
However, if you want a fresh and more practical look at how vampires would exist today, as seen through the eyes of a young woman who becomes a vampire, then I invite you to check out my book, ‘Faith of a Vampire’.
Sophia Dobre is a young woman that after being turned into a vampire discovers that due to her bloodline, she has some very unique abilities. Fortunately her abilities help uncover a malicious plot that a rival clan is out to destroy her clan.

Thrust in the middle of a clan war, the battle unlocks ancient memories buried deep within her subconscious that begin to change her personality for the worst. Hating what she is becoming, Sophia looks for help.
By accident, she learns of a process that can turn vampires back into humans. The possibility of becoming human again drives her into a dangerous yet forbidden world where vampire assassins will do anything to stop her from meeting a woman known only as the ‘White Swan’.

By the telling of her story, Sophia reveals a more realistic truth about vampires—about their history and how an act of retribution can finally be fulfilled over the course of countless centuries. It is also a story about faith and a promise of redemption that is available to all vampires if they only have the courage to seek it out.

"(God forbid) sparkly teenagers," Love this! Thank You! That's what I have been screaming. - Nikki

Mark calls it Faith of a Vampires because the underlying theme of the story is about Sophia having faith.  She must learn to have faith in herself, in others and continue to keep her faith in God.  However do not let the title fool you.  The story is filled with Sophia being attacked, joining a clan which is in the middle of a clan war and revenge that has take centuries to fulfill.

The last part of the story is where Sophia searches for a way to become human again.  She eventually finds a woman known as the White Swan.  She is the only person that can help vampires become human again.  Sophia is put through many trials to reach a point where she is just one step away from being human, however something goes wrong and she has to make the ultimate choice.   

He plans for this to be a trilogy series where Sophia, in a sense is like a force against vampires and foils many of their plots, however her compassion tries to find ways of helping them at the same time.

Mark Sprague has always had a vivid imagination. It was not until he decided to write did he realize that he had finally found a world where he could create anything and share his creations with others. He describes his writing simply as getting lost in your dreams. For each time Mark sits down to write a new chapter, even he wonders what adventure his characters will find themselves in next. He is quoted as saying, “Writing fiction is giving your imagination permission to take you anywhere. Once you do that, you can find yourself in places you never dreamed possible.”

Please check out Mark's website and his blog if you wish to learn more.