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Sunday, March 24, 2013

5 Stars for Breaking The Nexus by Lindsay Avalon.

This is a drag you in and keep you drooling kind of book. It is rare these days to find a story that isn't just another variation of all the others in its genre. Breaking The Nexus is original and entertaining. Sha is my favorite kind of heroine. Even her name gives the impression of a strong independent woman who can kick the crap out of you and still somehow seem sassy and sweet while covered in blood. Conner is so my favorite type of hero. He's strong and brutish to everyone but "His" woman. Not nearly fearless but able to overcome his reservations should anyone threaten what is his. And The Nexus! Holy Crap! What an intricate and original story line. I kept thinking: Dang, I wish I thought of that. I will definitely be finishing this series.