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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#IndieAuthor interview of Sarah Daltry @SarahDaltry Author of The Quiver of a Kiss

Name of Artist: 
Sarah Daltry

The Work of Art
The Quiver of a Kiss

Where Sarah Creates
I've been around. Mostly England and the US.

The genre that gets to claim her
My books range from historical romance/erotica to straight up smut. 
("Straight up smut.") LOL I love that!

In her own words, what her book is about? 
It is a new take on the sexual awakening of Helen of Troy and the events of the Trojan War. I wanted to look at the misogyny of Homer and Virgil with the view of a modern and sexual woman.
Sounds interesting to me. :)

What is Sarah's writing style? 
I write when I'm inspired. If it works, I just go with it. I have a lot of conceptual ideas that haven't gone anywhere because readers don't want a story that the author isn't immersed in. 
Same here. If i'm not feeling it, They won't either. 

Has she ever written anything and thought; " The world has got to see this!" ? 
Yes! This book!

Who can we thank for the finished product?

I do everything myself. I have a background in art and editing though.
Love that! #IndiesRock I do everything myself as well. (As imperfect as it is. LOL) 

Who can we thank for inspiring Sarah to join the awesome world of Authors? 
I am a big fan of Anais Nin. I love everything she stood for. I also like the Marquis de Sade even if he was a creep. I truly admire any author who is driven to create no matter how immoral and unacceptable his work is considered by the general readership.

Is there anything she finds particularly challenging in her writing? 
It's always a tough balance between sex and story. I want good sex scenes but I also want characters. I worry about boring readers or inundating them with talk of body parts!

Does she write her characters or do they write themselves through her? 
They write themselves. I'm just lucky enough to be the one they tell their stories to.
I feel the same way. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I want to choke them but in the end, it really does feel like I am just here to write the stuff down and keep my mouth shut. ;)

Does Sarah ever write herself into the characters? 
Not really. I suppose there is an element of fantasy in the stories but they're unique individuals separate from me.

Is writing her full time job or is she "Keeping her day job"? So to speak. 
I don't make enough money writing to live off it! I'd love to have more time to write but it hasn't happened yet.
It will. Stay positive that you have a treasure that will be seen, read and loved by the masses one day and appreciated for the creative genius that it is. We all have to pay our dues. (At least that's what I keep telling myself everyday. LOL ;P) 

If She could go back in time and meet one famous person or legend in history, who would it be? 
Lord Byron. ;) I bet he'd show me a good time!
Hell Yeah! Best answer yet! I would loved to have spent a weekend with that man! Something to remember on ones death bed, I would think. 

There are millions of new books released every year. What in Sarah's mind makes hers stand out from all those millions in her genre? 
I try to write well. I think a great deal of erotica is good but I also think there is a lot that doesn't care much about the characters. Even in a short story, I think it's important that I at least know a lot about these people.

In the world of Indie, marketing is very difficult, especially if you don't have the funds to pay for it. Has she found a great free way to market her work that she thinks other Indies will benefit from?
Blogging consistently. Facebook. And the awesomeness that is other indie authors!

Want a quick teaser? ;)


Helen, you will be the downfall of man,” he says and he takes himself to where I am wet, slowly entering me. The deflowering is a sudden painful shock, but soon waves of something else flood through me. My nerves are alight with flame as he rocks back and forth inside of me. The warm, wet entrance seems to make him grow even larger and I feel as he has filled me up completely. I do not feel any guilt at the violation; instead, I realize that this secret is kept by men unfairly. We women deserve to know the same joy.

Oh,” I say as he reaches below me and lifts me so that I can take more of him into myself. It is a shocking pleasure and I reach my hands up to hold him. His flesh is solid, tight with muscle, and I imagine other women who have touched him as I am. I worry that they pleased him more than I am, that they have done things I do not know to do. It saddens me, but then I thank the gods that they have been with him because he knows just how to touch me. His enjoyment becomes secondary as he pushes into me harder and I grow warm. My knees shake and I feel my thighs grasp him between them.

Oh,” I call. “More.” I do not know what I want more of exactly, but I know I do not want the night to end. His lips envelop mine again and the kiss is so warm and sweet. I am still riding the vibrations that have overwhelmed my body as he yells out and I feel warm and sticky liquid explode inside of me. He removes himself and the liquid trickles down my legs onto the cotton below me.

Well.... Holy Jesus! That was um.... Woo.... I don't know bout everyone else but I certainly want to know more. Check out Sara's links if your as intrigued as I am. ;)

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