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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review "Spoil of War: An Arthurian Saga" By Phoenix Sullivan[Kindle Edition]

I didn't want to like him!
This story was not what I would have normally read. I may like a man to take care of me but in those times they went a little overboard. At first I was stubborn in the fact that LEO was a complete cave man (although this story depicts a time when all men were like that) but gradually he made me see things from his point of view. I really liked the story. It's a tale of long ago when men did not always have the free choice to do what was right. Sometimes they had to do what was expected of them, weather they wanted to or not. I may not have liked everything that he did but I could tell that what he did, he did out of honor. It's worth it to read. I saw some bad reviews on this book. One said "Beyond Offensive and shouldn't be classified as romance." Really? That's a little harsh. The Author wrote very historically convincingly about a time when women were considered second class. Are you honestly telling me that these things never happened? It would have been wrong of the Author to paint a pretty picture for us, when that's not the reality. Just because it is a romance does not mean that there should be no basis for reality. It's a good book if you like a read that will actually challange your view on what a hero should be.