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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

" All you other chicks with your trumped up kicks, Better run, better run faster while I school ya."

Now, you know how in women's magazines they will show you a star wearing something that cost like five hundred dollars and they show you a picture of something similar and it only cost like two hundred?  Well here's my version.  I absolutely fell in love with a boot from Jessica Simpson's line called the Angie. Here is a pic:

I found this pair of boots on Amazon last night for $169.99. I really wanted these boots but I know that in my lifetime there will probably no way that I could spend that amount on a silly pair of boots, no matter how awesome they are. I started checking my normal stores and low and behold, I found them. Here is a pic. ( They are gray cause I needed gray but I assure you they are the exact same boot.) I would not lie. I have no problem wearing a cheaper brand of the same thing, but in the case of these boots, I actually found the name brand. Here is a pic:

These boots, I found at TJ Max for $39.99. Huge difference right. So you can go #vogue for $169.99, or you can go #rouge for $39.99.  For those of us who don't have loads of money to spend, we can still look good. For those of you that possibly can afford to spend so much money, Why don't you just get the same thing for $39.99 and donate the rest of that $130.00 you have left to charity or something.