"When it comes to authors,we may hide ourselves from others but within our pages, our true souls emerge." - Nicole Hill
"I want a Vampite of my very own. Until I find him, I'll just keep writing him into existence." -Nicole Hill
" I write like people talk. It may not be perfect but it's damn entertaining." - Nicole Hill

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Legacy Forgotten: The book I wrote between calls while working at a call center.

   So. I figured the best way to get my book out there was to explain a little about me and how it came to be. I grew up in a very small town. We lived even further out than most and therefore did not have that many neighbors. Just a lot of woods and dirt roads. We could walk down the road to the " Pickle Barrel" No fricken joke. It was a laundry mat/ teeny tiny convient store owned by this old couple that lived in a trailer out back of it. It was also the site of my first and only technical misdemeanor. LOL. Before you freak out, I was five and it was an accident. I didnt know you were supposed to pay. I just saw my mom get what she needed. I never paid attention to what she was doing when she was gossiping with the old lady at the counter. So anyway to sum it up, It was boring! To say the least. So I started having these,  stupid daydreams, dreams, I don't know what you would call them. Some days, I would literally zone out and it was like a movie playing behind my eyelids only, I was awake, eyes open just sitting, or standing or whatever. I would see the whole thing play out as if I were standing right there. Hear tones of voices, see eye color. I would do that alot. But at times it got to persistent and I could't focus on anything else. So at the age of about nine, I started writing them down. Just to get them out of my head. I didn't even keep them. Once I was able to think again, I forgot about them. I kind of zone out when I write. Sometimes, I don't even know what I wrote until I read it later. Then I'm like.. Holy Crap Kenneth! What the hell are you doing you asshole?! Its crazy, I know but I don't really know what I'm writing until I write it. I daydream certain scenes so, I get the jest of whats going on. But mostly, it's auto pilot. So, the whole synopsis, Query letter thing, doesn't exactingly work for me. How to tell some one about something you don't quite know? You got me. Now my whole life, everyone teachers, parents friends. Everyone has always told me that i should either be a writer or a Lawyer. A lawyer because, Well I argue alot.LOL. And I hate to be proven wrong. And a writer because, well that's what I've always done. My siblings, cousins and friends always insisted that I make up all of the campfire stories. When I babysat, I made up fairy tales for the little girls. One went on for like a year and a half. A little every Friday night. But me, I liked to get the stories out of my head, sure. but it was so I could GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD! I had other interests. I wanted to fly planes. As crazy as that sounds. But that's what I wanted. I was in JROTC for four years of high school and was pretty damn good at it. I was in great shape, I learned quickly that I was good at leading as well and was ready to transition into the air force. But sadly my life did not end up where I thought it would. I got pregnant when I was seventeen. So That's how I ended up at the call center. Taking call after call about the same exact thing. Boring! I worked for the financial department of a multi million dollar company. They sold a product that most business would have to finance and our bank offered the financing option for this companies customers. I liked the work. Digging through years worth of financial records and spreadsheets. It was challenging, but sometimes if it was slow, it was really boring. I met a lady there that always had her nose in one of those trashy romances when she wasn't on the phone. I never read romances. I thought they were smut actually. But one day I was really bored and I asked her for a good book. I told her I really don't like romances but I like mysteries alot. She said she had a romance with a lot of mystery, I could just skip the smut. She gave me a copy of  Dark Secret By Christine Feehan. The cover had a really hot dude on it. I got no problem with really hot dudes. I flip over and read some. Species like vampires but not. I like vampires. I fact, I have always really dug Vampires. Lost Boys! My favorite movie by far. " Death by stereo. " LOL. If they don't find their one true soul mate, they loose all their feelings and turn into a vampire? Soul mate. That's a laugh. Ok. I guess I'll give it a shot. I could not put it down! I was completely hooked and could not stop reading. And I didn't skip the smutty parts. LOL After that, All I read was paranormal romances. Think about it. You find that one person that completes you. You would die for them and they would die for you. But neither of you ever have to. You are young and in your prime forever. I like that thought. So much so that I have decided " I want a vampire of my very own! But until I find him, I'll keep writing him into existence. "  Sorry about that. I got side tracked. Remember the name of my blog? Rambling of a would be author. Well, I warned ya. But back to the story and how Ailis and Kenneth would not leave me alone!  So I just started having this stupid daydream, dream one day that would not quit. After about a week of nearly missing calls at work because, I had zoned out, I decided to write it down. Got a spiral notebook and when I wasn't on the phone, I was writing. I only did this at work and if they knew I was working on something that was not work, I would have probably got fired. LOL. But I was a good employee so they left me alone. As long as you got your work done and no customer complained about you, they left you alone at your desk. So anyway, I did this at work for like two years. It took a while. I wasn't even thinking of doing anything with it. I would go like two months without writing a word and then I had to get some out of my head before I went crazy! Almost like the characters wanted to be written. Crazy right? So I had written down like the first three chapters and I decided to print them out and let my friend the romance book lady read it. Now we used to print out sample chapters of books and bring them to work and if everyone liked them, we would get them for the " Work Library" Which was my bottom file drawer. So I did not tell her it was mine, She thought I had a new sample for her to OK. It was one of the more.... Steamy scenes... and I could tell by her reaction, that she was digging it. She finished, huffed a breath and said. Absolutely. You get that one for the drawer. I thought. SCORE!!!!!!!!! Then I told her It was mine, and she freaked out. That was the moment I thought, I want to do this. It felt so good to have someone that did not know it was mine to like it. I was hooked, you could say. So here we are, eight years later, umpteen million hurtles, figuring out the learning curve and falling off, an unmentionable amount of rejection letters and finally getting back up and say screw you! If you want something done right, You gotta do it your damn self! So here goes... Let me know what ya think. 


                                     " What she doesn't know, could kill her"

Ailis has spent her entire life pretending that she did not have powers because her mother deemed them UN normal and therefore bad. Her grandmother spent the first years of Ailis’ life teaching her, preparing her for a great destiny. When her mother found out she moved them to California and away from her grandmother and teacher. So she decided to spend her life on the side of law enforcement. She is still doing great things. Her only problem now is that she is pretty sure that the serial murders her homicide unit is investigating are not being committed by a human. In walks the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. What’s wrong with that? Ailis not only knows that he is a vampire but she also knows that he is the one who’s been draining child molesters and murderers and leaving an empty carcass for her to find. Still, he does not seem like a bad guy to her. During her investigation she unearths secrets about her families past that takes her half way across the world to right a wrong that occurred hundreds of years ago. Can she trust this vampire to help her solve a mystery that could very well end up with her being life challenged herself? 
Dangerously attractive vampire, Kenneth has been around long enough to know that there are no such things as coincidences. That’s why, when he meets the undeniably strong willed homicide detective Ailis, he knows that there is a good explanation as to why she looks identical to his long dead fiancĂ©. He just has to figure out what that would be. He decides to look into it and quickly discovers that she may look like his fiancĂ© but she is independent and don’t take any crap. It doesn’t take long for her to remind him that he has a heart and what it feels like when it is breaking. When his one hundred year nemesis shows up in Miami and tries to force Ailis to join him, he realizes that her powers are worth something to even the worst of his kind. He pledges to protect her from any danger as long as he is still breathing. If those trying to keep her from fulfilling her destiny have anything to do about it, that won’t be long at all.