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Friday, May 24, 2013

#Spotlight of Donna Collier @CollierDonna E- Book Cover Designer

Tell us about yourself. 
First of all allow me to thank you Nicole for having me here today. I appreciate you spotlighting my e-book cover designs and supporting my work.
About me…..My name is Donna Collier of DLC Designs…..I am a wife, mother, grandmother, animal lover, avid camper and graphic designer. I live in beautiful southern Michigan with my husband of 28 years.      
How did you become a cover designer? 
My experience in this field started with learning how to design websites. I freelanced at that for 8 years learning how to work with clients to make their ideas come alive on the web. Then it was time for a change so I decided to do what makes my heart sing….my favorite part of website design….Graphic Art. With the help of an author friend, I looked into how to make that happen and that is what brings us here today.
As a writer, one of my greatest tools of inspiration is music. Where do you find the most inspiration?
 I love music too, as well as browsing digital art sites like Deviant Art. It am continually amazed by the talented people out there.
What is the process to creating a book cover?
 I start by talking with the client about their ideas of what they would like to see on their cover. Next they send me a blurb about the book so I can get a feel for their story. Together we decide on the images to be used and the direction the cover should take. Then I go to work. Generally I design several covers for the client to choose from. Once a single cover has been chosen I will work with the client to dial in their finished cover.    
Have you ever won an award for your work? 
No awards to date. I won a website banner contest several years ago that helped me make the decision to do this full time. 
What is your favorite cover to date? Why?
 I have a long time client who is a retired teacher turned author. He was one of my first paying clients and he has stuck with me to this day (8 covers later). I would say anything designed for him is my favorite. 
Your website link: 
List which genre(s) you create covers for:
I will design any genre e-book cover.
Add your book covers, attached separately in the email, maybe some personal favourites:

Please list whether you do freelance or not, and if you do, add any necessary promo information. Some designers only work with publishers. If you have multiple creative outlets, please do list them all with the appropriate information.
Promo: I do freelance work from my home in southwestern Michigan. My passion lies in digital design. Let me use that energy to design an E-Book cover for you. One that makes your E-Book jump off the screen. Please see my portfolio at I would love the opportunity to work with you. Let’s get started today!  
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