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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ungrateful people on Twitter and how I hate it.

So I saw a tweet that said to Download or donate to help this dude out. I RT'ed because I'm broke (Since Birth.) and can't afford to donate or download so I figured I'd help spread the word. This is the Tweet I got back:

 @nicolehill17 Please donate or download and stop using the tweets as a hot potato!

Seriously? Um, Are you fucking kidding me? That was so fucking rude! How do you expect to get anywhere with and attitude like that? I was trying to help! And I have over 4,000 more followers that you do so I might have been able to get your music out there but not now! 

Also is the point of twitter to get as many to RT your stuff as possible? At least from a marketing prospective. 

I will be UNFOLLOWING and it's nice to know I will no longer have to risk Twitter jail on your account. Thanks for taking that care from me and good luck with alienating anyone trying to help you.