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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Indie Author Interveiw of Danile Quentin Steele Author of When We were Married-Volume 1 and 2

The Author

Daniel Quentin Steele

 The Masterpeice
“When We Were Married- Volume 1 – The Long Fall.”

Where he Creates
 Jacksonville, Florida
What Genre gets to claim him? 
 Mainstream contemporary,  legal/crime, adult romance.
In Daniel's own words, this book is about? 
The book is about the marriage of a dedicated and obsessed Florida prosecutor and his gorgeous university professor wife and what happens after their marriage crashes and burns. It’s about how two middle-aged people try to make new lives for themselves while protecting the public from monsters and murderers and maintaining an academic career. It’s got love and pain and betrayal and very hot and explicit  married sex and unmarried sex and murder and mayhem and drug cartels and killer cops and assassins and good bad guys and bad good guys.
His muse can change it's mind from time to time:
I sit down and write. Usually I start with a central idea or scene, often the ending, and in the case of short stories or shorter works I write as hot and fast as I can. In the  case of this novel, I started with a snatch of conversation that grew into a 25,000 word first chapter, then grew and developed. I knew from the end of the first chapter roughly how the novel would end but it started to jell after about the third chapter. I’m 350,000 words in with two volumes of a story done and I have the ending pretty well nailed down but there’s room for changes as I go along. But I’ve never done an actual outline or synopsis.
Daniel did everything himself but got the cover art from a friend.
 Who is his favorite author. Not just someone that he read allot. I wanna know whose book he read that made him suddenly know, if he didn't do this for the rest of his life then he would never be happy. 
Roger Zelazy – Lord of Light among others
What he finds the most challenging:
 Does he write his characters or do they write themselves through Daniel? 
I tend to think I’m writing them, but since I also tend to write from my subconscious,  all the characters are in some way facets of myself or people I’ve known.
Does he ever write himself into the characters? 
 Almost always in one way or another.
Is writing his full time job or is he "Keeping his day job"? So to speak.
It’s my full time job.
If Daniel could go back in time and meet one famous person or legend in history, who would it be? 
Leonardo Da Vinci
There are millions of new books released every year. What in his mind makes his stand out from all those millions in his genre?  
The characters. The novel(s) have a lot of plot and a lot things going on, with suspense stretching over four volumes, but it’s the characters according to readers that have grabbed and held their attention. The male lead is an arrogant, stubborn, insecure asshole and the wife is an untrustworthy and entirely too vain bitch. According to readers who loved the story. But over time readers’ views of the characters change. The characters don’t change, you’re just able to see their history and their hearts as no one can outside of a novel.
 In the world of Indie, marketing is very difficult, especially if you don't have the funds to pay for it. Has Daniel found a great free way to market his work that he thinks other Indies will benefit from? 
Not really. I wrote a good chunk of my novels online and developed a readership that way. It didn't cost me a dime, but it took a year and a half out of my life. And since that time, I’ve swapped reviews with other writers. I don’t expect or require positive reviews, and I’ve given ‘tempered’ reviews. If I hate a book, I just won’t review it and I had one writer whose book I liked drop mine because he just couldn’t get into it. Cooperative efforts as far as Facebook or ‘liking’ on Amazon aren’t a bad way to spend your marketing time.
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Twitter: @QSteele1

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If this doesn’t make you want to read about “The ‘2nd Hottest Woman in the Jacksonville, Florida courthouse,”  you’re probably dead from the waist down or the other way.
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