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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indie Author Interview with H.K Taylor

The Artist
H.K. Taylor

Where he creates
I’m from Pratt City Alabama

What genre gets to claim him
I write mainly young adult romance/young adult paranormal romance

Getting down to business 
Heat is about 17 year old Troy Parker who falls for Jaime Stone. They hit it off, everything goes well until Troy’s friend dies, and this sudden death threatens Troy’s life and relationship. If I was reading or had read it to a friend I’d say the author is young, and creative, but has a lot to learn with a bright future ahead of him.
I honestly, just brainstorm the ideas in my head then convert them to paper; I do follow guidelines mostly though.

H.K. wants the world to know about Heat!
Yes, with Heat I feel it has to be told, I want people to read it and fall in love with what I created this; writing, being an author is my present and future I want nothing else. (Career Wise)

Who we thanks for the look of heat
My cover designer for Heat is Laura Wright Laroche follow her on twitter @WrightLaroche, and my editor that taught me the basics and helped so much to mold Heat into what it is now is Lissette Manning, follow her on twitter @xLizzieBethx

H.K. knew he wanted to write when he read: 
Stephanie Meyer (sorry Mrs. Hill, love you still) Meyer’s twilight made me think to myself that I can do this for the rest of my life, that any dream can be achieved as an author. Her storytelling and writing creativity were the keys to my inspiration.

What he finds the most difficult:
The thing I find most challenging in my writing is coming up with the title weird huh?

H.K.'s muse just kind of takes over.
My characters write themselves through me, they’ve been doing this since I first put pen to paper a few months ago, and I couldn’t be happier. They have an individual story, I just write it for them.

Does he ever write himself into the characters?
No I try my hardest to never project myself into my characters, they have qualities I wish I had, but that’s it, it is challenging though.

This is his day job.
It’s my full time job I have Cerebral palsy on my right side, so I’m limited when it comes to most jobs.

If H.K. had a time machine, he'd make the most of it.
Definitely I’d want to meet Tupac A. Shakur, he was the greatest rapper of his generation, and was an intelligent man; he knew what he stood for.

H.K. knows this book will stand out.
Honestly, I’d have to say the message it conveys, won’t spoil it.

H.K. has found a home among Indies who have helped him.