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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hate it when people judge you by something you post!

I tweeted about this story yesterday and received a tweet that I decided takes a blog post to answer. I'll post the story below and then my answer. Just so you guys know what I'm talking about. 

A pregnant rape victim in Turkey shot and decapitated her attacker then left his severed head in the square of her local village.  The woman, five months pregnant, is demanding authorities let her have an abortion even though she is way beyond the ten week limit allowed for terminations in Turkey.  
When police arrested her near to the severed head she said; 'That is the head of one who toyed with my honor.' Womens' groups in Turkey have praised her as a heroine.  It turned out that the woman, aged 26 and a mother-of-two, had been abused by her attacker for months before she took her revenge and was being blackmailed.
The woman has reportedly even said she is prepared to die as long as she is allowed to have the abortion.
The rapist had taken nude photos of her and threatened to send them to her parents unless she continued sleeping with him.  
She took a gun and shot him ten times, several times in his private parts, before cutting off his head and hurling it into the village square at Yalvac.
The man was also reportedly stabbed in the abdomen after he was shot.
'He kept saying that he would tell everyone about the rape,' she reportedly said during her testimony. 'My daughter will start school this year.
'Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can. I saved my honor,' she added.
'They will now call my children the kids of the women who saved her honor.'

So. I posted this yesterday with the caption "You go girl." And received a tweet that said 

"how can you condone and even glorify this?!" 

I hate when you are judged by something you post by others.

I never judge others points of view. 
I obviously don't know what in their lives might have happened to them to make them see things that way. 

This tweet came from a man and I don't want to say that men are less understanding but sometimes it sure seems that way. 

So I'll tell ya how I can Condone and even glorify this. First of all, Women everywhere in this country and others are raped everday and in some countries, nothing is ever done about it. In some, the man has his finger cut off while the woman is stoned to death because she is now considered spoiled and unfit for any man. In others, the women are shunned or looked down upon and their children are looked down upon because of it. In this case, the man held the woman aginst her will for over five months. What would you do if you were raped and blackmailed for over five months! people are saying she should rot but imagine what your mental process would be like after that long of rape and torture.. And it was mental torture weather he beat her or not. She was probably half crazy by the time she did this. If this happened to a woman here, everyone would be screaming temporary insanity. Why is it different for a woman there? You don't know what her thought process was like after five months of this. She might have literally saw him as a demon or the devil or something. The mind is very tricky when it has been bent and broken to someone else's will. She also had a daughter. How do we know she wasn't afraid he would get bored with her and move on to her daughter. He told her for over five months that she had to sleep with him or he would show pictures he'd taken during the various rapes and everyone would pick on her children. That is mental torture. Here, if a man constantly puts a woman down, it is considered mental abuse and he can be jailed. I obviously would not condone this in America because we have a justice system that does not put blame on the victim. BUT, I would not judge an American woman who did this because as a woman who has been through a very long time of sexual abuse and survived, I will tell you that there were plenty of time during those years that I thought about cutting the bastard up into tiny pieces. I didn't but the thoughts were still there. I don't know what I would have done if I had children at that time and was afraid for their lives or future. I probably would have done something similar just because I would have been pissed that my children saw these things. I would have wanted them to remember that yes, their momma was tortured and raped but that she took that bastard down before it was over with. And they probably saw. Don't fool yourself. Do you think the rapist was nice enough to wait for the children to be asleep before he brutalized their mother? So yes, when I see a woman commit an act of heroism and handle her business, I will scream from the roof tops: "You go girl!" and that's my First Amendment Right! At least it still is for now.