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Monday, June 4, 2012

Seven fun free reads for your kindle today.

HONOR – Adam Stanford, Earl of Ashworth, has always done the right thing.
DESIRE – Lady Catherine Bourgeault, lonely and rejected, longs to experience passion, to love just once in her life.
TREACHERY – The Baron Bourgeault, to what extremes will an obsessive, unstable man go to achieve his own dark ends? 
SEDUCTION – In the face of a love that will not be denied, Adam and Catherine risk everything to be together.
BETRAYAL – What price must Catherine and Adam pay for a forbidden love in a time when honor meant everything?

Catherine didn’t know if she wanted to tell Lord Ashworth about her retreat. She had come upon it not long after her marriage to Edgar, and it had offered her the only peace she was to know for a long time. 
It was dangerous to share the only thing that belonged to one. Yet the thought of spending an afternoon with the earl in her most treasured place, sharing a leisurely meal, beckoned her. She glanced shyly over her shoulder to see if he still followed.
Lord Ashworth rode only a few yards behind her horse, and he grinned when their eyes met. He had a lazy, sensual smile and, when he looked at her like that, she felt an odd breathless catch in her throat. She wondered how it would feel if he were to place those warm lips to hers instead of the back of her hand. 
Oh dear! There went that catch again.
Within moments they entered a clearing. Catherine dismounted without waiting for the earl’s assistance and swung her arms wide as she turned in a circle about the shaded copse.
“What do you think?” she asked.
The earl, still astride, cast his gaze slowly around the tiny glen as he studied the scenery. He then turned his attention to Catherine but did not speak. A suggestive grin broke the calm of his expression as he continued to watch her.
“More beautiful than I could have imagined,” he murmured.
Simple statement that, but it held a wealth of meaning. Catherine dropped her arms while staring back in fascination. Her mouth fell open and her breathing quickened. The air vibrated with unspoken words as they shared a moment of absolute understanding. The specter of desire had been brought into the open and was acknowledged.

Experience IN THE GARDEN OF TEMPTATION today. Meet characters you'll visit again in the other books in this series.

Bonus Material:
Excerpt from JUST ONE LOOK, Romantic Comedy by JOAN REEVES, now available on Amazon.

Now Available on Amazon:
IN THE GARDEN OF SEDUCTION, Book 2 of The Garden Series.
IN THE GARDEN OF DISGRACE, Book 3 of The Garden Series.
IN THE GARDEN OF DECEIT, Book 4 of The Garden Series.

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"Perhaps, we should come back during the daylight and that way I can see it properly."

"Come let us look at the rooms upstairs," he said as if she hadn't spoken. Placing his hand on the small of her back, he urged her toward the staircase. 

Elizabeth looked up at him, her protest poised on the tip of her tongue when she saw the lust in his eyes. But that wasn't what gave her pause; it was the glimmer of satisfaction in making her wary and nervous. 

By God, he knew she wasn't about to just let him have his way with her. Certainly not before they married. So what was his game? 

"And is that where you hope to seduce me?" Her parents would be appalled had they heard her. She was astonished anything in that vein was able to pass her lips.

Lord Creswell didn't respond until they reached the first door on the third floor.

 No doubt a bed was on the other side of that door. 

He turned to her. "If I may be frank, Miss Smith...Elizabeth." He spoke her name, soft and low, and somehow her name on his lips sounded more intimate than a kiss. "I am a man who likes to leave nothing to chance. If I am to court and marry you in such unfashionable haste, I would like some assurance that you and I suit when it comes to the intimacies of the marriage bed."

At his words, lust in its most pure form accosted her. Parts of her went soft while other parts became rigid, pinpoints of pleasure to come. 

No. No. No. There would be no pleasure of any sort. Not for her and definitely none for the viscount. 

"So you would like us to have marital relations outside the sanctity of marriage?" she asked in a voice she barely recognized. 

 "You've been so skittish of late. If I hadn't already kissed you, I think you didn't like to be touched. When I marry, it'll be for life and I have no desire to saddle myself with a wife who cannot perform satisfactory in that area." Lord Creswell turned, his back to her as he faced the chamber door. But on his face, she glimpsed the barest hint of smile.

So that was how he thought to get around marrying her. He thought she'd cry off, refusing to enter his philistine game of sampling the goods. 

For several long seconds, Elizabeth said nothing, allowing him to believe she was grappling in indecision. His hand released its grasp on the handle of the door and he straightened as if ready to claim victory.

"Very well, if that's what it will take to ease your mind--ease both our minds--let us proceed. But I must have your assurance that once we've established that we suit, um, in that way, we will immediately announce our betrothal and set a wedding date."

Elizabeth took great satisfaction in watching Lord Creswell's entire form stiffen and his hand still in mid-air. Slowly, he angled his head over his shoulder to regard her, incredulity flashing briefly in the  blue-green depths of his eyes. "You are in agreement?"

Feigning the stalwartness of that of a virgin about to be sacrificed for the good of God and country, Elizabeth gave a tremulous but firm nod.

"And if we do not suit, what then?"

Did his voice sound a mite strained?

"I have a feeling we shall suit very well." She gave him a slow smile. "Shall we proceed, my lord?"

Jayce Cullen has been fighting her fear of thunder and lightning ever since she was a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the fury of her new husband. Feeling deceived and betrayed into a loveless marriage, Lord Reese Harrington wants nothing to do with his new wife. Trapped in a marriage with no escape, the beautiful young bride must battle the demons of her husband's past and hope that she can weather the storm his brutish behavior unleashes.

A medieval romance novella.

Josie Baum is as a laundress at Lola's Pleasure Palace not a nursemaid. But when a Cheyenne warrior whisks her off to care for his friend, Daniel McCord, she must quickly learn.

Suddenly alone in a remote mountain cabin, Josie is tasked with the household chores plus catering to Daniel's every whim. After years of cooking and cleaning for her fifteen step-brothers and father, Josie isn’t about to spend the rest of her days serving the pompous Daniel McCord... even if he does quicken her pulse every time he nears.

Half-white and half-Cheyenne, Daniel McCord is a proud man on the mend with only one desire—to right the wrongs done to his people. He isn’t ready for the new hunger Josie’s glowing fair-skin stirs within him or her resistance to his charms. Growing more determined to melt the heart of this willful, wild beauty, Daniel will use every skill of seduction to make Josie his.

Book 1 in the Wicked Affairs series.

Michael Dunnaway has it all—a wife he loves, three sons, an earldom. Except he isn’t getting any younger—and his body lets him know in a way that makes him doubt his masculinity. His impotence with Clarissa drives him to seek out new thrills. He’s contemplating giving up everything for the satisfaction he finds with a nubile French whore, but with the pleasure comes guilt. Is betraying the love of his life worth temporary gratification and the restoration of his confidence?

Clarissa has entered a world of shocking passions and unheard of acts, welcoming Michael with open arms. Hidden behind a mask, and with the help of a whorehouse madam, she finds she’d do just about anything towin her husband back. But will it be enough? And will the deep cravings they explore as strangers reveal more devastating secrets? Or will they discover their dark passion and wicked desires can lead to a greater love?

For five pounds sterling, the convict was hers. Though Cassie hated the slave trade, her Virginia plantation demanded the labor, and she knew this fevered man would surely die if she left him. But as his wounds healed, and as his muscled chest bronzed from the sun, Cassie realized Cole Braden was far more dangerous than his papers had indicated--for he could steal her breath with a glance, or lay siege to her senses with a touch.

Abducted, beaten, and given a new name, Alec Kenleigh went from master of an English shipbuilding empire to fourteen years of indentured servitude in the American colonies. There, he was known as Cole Braden, a convicted ravisher and defiler of women. While he longed to ravish the auburn-haired beauty who owned him, he knew his one hope of earning her love--and his freedom--was to prove his true identity. Only then could he turn the tables and obtain his ... Sweet Release.

Overview of Samson's Lovely Mortal:
Vampire bachelor Samson can't get it up anymore. Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there's nothing wrong with his hydraulics - that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.

Any fan of J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, and Lara Adrian will love Samson's Lovely Mortal!