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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RUN!!!! Teaser of A Gentleman's Luck By Nicole Hill

Na-Lisa was terrified. As soon as the guards left she tore the covering from her head and face. Realizing at the last minute that she may have gotten herself in trouble. She risked a glance at the guard. It didn't seem like he was going to jump up and report her for uncovering her head. She grabbed her fork and began to eat not even tasting the food. The Guard, she could tell was America although the sun had colored his skin very appealingly.
He had dark black hair, strong chiseled cheek bones and the first pair of blue eyes she had ever seen outside of a book. They were breathtaking. It was like looking into the sky in the middle of summer. She snapped her attention back to the food. What did it matter if he was appealing? She would not do this! She did not care that in the morning when her uncle found out that she would likely be killed for treason. She ate as slow as she could but she knew that time was running out. How was she going to keep this large frightening man off of her? He was huge. His arms were as big around as her waist. He would crush her and take what he wanted.  She had never been this scared in all her life. Her thoughts were interrupted when he cleared his throat and said. “Well I’m done eating if you are darlin. Let’s say we get this over with.”
William figured the best way to approach it was straight on. He may have miscalculated a bit he thought as Na-Lisa shot out of her chair. With a look of pure hatred. “I apologize if you have been misinformed, Mr. Guard.” She started with a prissy undertone to her voice. “But I have no intention of being with you tonight or ever.” She finished.
William was stunned and a bit ticked. How dare this small snobby princess pass judgment on him on sight alone! Who did this harlot think she was? She may have been a princess but where he came from she was still a low brow soiled woman. He was disgusted by the thought of even being with her at this point anyway. “Do not think to come near me. American.” She said with hatred. He was not going to stand for this. He stalked toward her to get to the door. He was getting out of here.
Na-Lisa could not believe what he said to her. Get this over with! What a way to speak to her! He could be a little more understanding! This is crazy. Na-Lisa could not believe that her sisters had been doing this for months now. She decided that maybe the best thing to do was to set him straight. She told him point blank that she was not going to be with him now or ever. He looked angry but did not move or say anything. She needed to push harder. She told him never to touch her and then called him an American. That got his attention and then he was stalking toward her with a very scary expression on his face. Her first thought was that he was going to beat her. That’s what husbands did when wives did not follow orders. She was not his wife but the way he was stalking towards her, she doubted he cared. She was in big trouble. Only one word came to mind. “Run!”