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Monday, June 18, 2012

Man Candy Monday Blog hop #16! Free Pass List # 1

I have decided for this Man Candy Monday, I will be going down my list of Free Pass Men in order from 1 to whatever. The hubby and I have a list. This list is compiled of people of the oppisite sex that if we ever get a chance with, we get a free pass due to the once in a lifetime oppertunity. LOL So Today, I will start with the man who has rested comfortably at the number one spot on my list for many years.

VIN DIESEL! Need I say More? 

Eye Candy of the Week 4/6/09~Vin Diesel
Yummy! I want to join! 

      He looks good in anything!

The thug look so suits him! 

Had to add a Riddick shot since that's what started my list! 

What was I doing? I forgot! LOL