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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Read my review of Mia The Bradshaw Clan by J. A. McCorkle

Mia The Bradshaw ClanMia The Bradshaw Clan by J. A. McCorkle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved Mia and Lucas!
Mia is a well to do house wife stuck in a marriage of convenience on both parts. She's not UN happy but she's not happy either. She just kind of floats through life with no real passion or purpose except to be the perfect hostess for her husbands many business associates and prospective business associates. Lucas is the leader of the local Vampire clan. All powerful, feared and respected by all in his clan. To him, humans are for food and fun. Nothing more. Which is why his sudden infatuation with his future business partners very human wife is baffling to say the least. When rival Vampires break into Mia's house in search of Lucas and put Mia and her husband through a night of blood and terror, Lucas realizes that this may not be a simple infatuation. I love how strong Mia was with all that she endured and how she finally overcame her fears in order to for once in her life, have something that she wanted for herself. I will be reading the next book.