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Friday, August 23, 2013

My review of Kilt by Love by Jennifer Conner

Kilt by LoveKilt by Love by Jennifer Conner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. Allister is the perfect modern day Laird. trying so desperately to hang on to his families land even as "Accidents" are happening all around town. He is honorable and loves his people as he loves his own family. He meets Sasha in the worst possible time in his life. He is feeling like a failure and knows he will never have anything to give her. Especially if he loses the land his family has owned for hundreds of years.
Sasha's life was a mess. She'd had an affair with her boss that ended with her being fired. She decides to take a last minute trip to Scotland to find a hot man in a kilt for a one night stand. Something she has never thought of before. Even her vacation turns out wrecked when she mistakenly books a seniors tour and ends up being babysat everyday by 80 year old men who see her as their granddaughter. Just when she'd given up on any romance, let alone the hot and steamy kind, the tour bus has an accident on the way to McTavish castle and clumsy Sasha falls off the bus into the arms of none other than the laird of the castle himself. She ends up in the middle of a land war of sorts that's leads her through all kinds of adventures with her sexy kilt wearing man. Now she has two problems. One, can she survive and two, will she be able to keep her plan of a one night stand or can she trust this one last time?

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