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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another little peak at #LegacyForetold. Can Kenneth handle the threat on his child without going rouge again?

    "Oh my Goddess!" Ailis exclaimed. "You think she is the child. Don't you?"

    "It's obvious. Don't you think?" Kenneth asked her. "Somebody is manipulating our baby and I intend on finding out who the hell it is and rip them limb from limb." He told Ailis darkly.

    This is one thing Ailis was worried about. On the outside, Kenneth had changed so much with the birth of their children but on the inside, Kenneth was still the same. Deep down, Kenneth was still Alejandro, the vampire who did not care who he killed or why. It was enough that whoever it was ticked him off. They all knew, one day something would happen and they would see the famed vampire who took on The Merlin head to head and nearly killed him. 

    Ailis just hoped she could figure out what was going on before Kenneth went off the deep end. Ailis hated having to pull him back from the edge and was in fear every time, that this time, she would not be able to and he'd go rouge for good.