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Friday, August 23, 2013

My review of Honor Bound by Brenda Novak

Honor BoundHonor Bound by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is truly a story that lives up to it's title. Honor is the ever present, underlying issue. Jeanette agreed to an arranged marriage to save her family from poverty after they fled France to England. She was determined to honor her vows weather she wanted them or not. Until her brother overhears her new husband's disgusting plan for making sure she is with child by the end of the wedding night and rushes to tell her. In fear of being dishonored by her new husband, she runs.
Lieutenant Treynor is attempting to help the poor french boy (Jean) when he asks for a job on the ship. He even takes the boy's lashes in his stead when he attempt to desert. He is not too happy when he finds out that the boy is actually a baron's new wife who has stowed away. At first he thinks to take her to the captain to be taken back to her husband but the evident fear of the man he ca see hiding under her masked bravado keeps him helping her hide. When he finds out what her husband has planned for her he knows he has to help her to get an annulment. That will require that he not touch her until this happens. A feat he is learning, will test every ounce of honor he posses. Between this and the awesome at sea ship attacks, this story had me enthralled. I simply did not put it down until I was through.