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Monday, May 30, 2016

#IndieSpotlight of Vinnie Sorce Author of Jersey Justice

Note: Anything in pink is were I decided to but in.

Vinnie Sorce

The Title of Your Work or Group: 
Jersey Justice

 Where are you from? Does not have to be the name of the place exactly. You can say Hick-ville Florida, for example if you are more comfortable with that. 
I was born in the Bronx. Grew up in North Jersey and am currently misplaced in AZ.

In what genre do you write?
Jersey Justice is a thriller but I write in all kinds of genres. I don't like to be limited.

In your own words, what is your book about? If you were not the author and trying to explain this awesome book you just read to a friend, what would you say about it? 
In my own words? Hmmm, that's hard, because I'm not sure I have my own words. My words seem to owned by the voices in my head. I'm occasionally allowed to borrow the words but if I claim them as my own the voices throw things against my skull, it kind of hurts...

Here goes...

Jersey Justice is the story of Jimmy Vincent. (Ouch! Damn it, the voices are starting already, I think that one was a rock...)

Jimmy was a bullied child, who, one day in college, finally had enough. He snapped, and turned his life into Batman's with out the costume and the cool gadgets. (OUCH! GRRRRRRR, I think that was a frying pan...)

Of course he isn't fighting super villains either, hmmm, maybe he's really not like Batman, he's more like Superman without the cape and the powers. So, maybe he's more like Clark Kent with a gun and deep sarcasm. Yeah that's it.

Jimmy helps people who can't help themselves, and in the mean time is always getting himself in jams as well. Especially when his sister, Carmen, comes back to town. (OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! They don't like it when I talk about Carmen, they're all in love with Carmen. I wrote her pretty hot... They're always fighting over her.)

Carmen brings trouble with her from Florida, in the form of ten million dollars, which is stolen, and a murder weapon. Jimmy's childhood friend, Marci gets in the mix and it turns into just another day in Jersey.

You need to buy the book, then the voices in my head will stop trying to escape by skull with heavy objects.

LOL. Love the answer!!!

What is your writing style? Do you follow all guides and rules? Synopsis, outline etc. or do you just sit down at the computer and type to see what happens. 
Rules? I don't need no stinking rules!

I just sit down and write, and whatever comes out, comes out. It drives my writer friends crazy. That's a big bonus.

My thoughts exactly. I literally write it as if I am reading it. From the first page to the last. I never do scenes or character  building. Don't have to. By the time I sit to type, they have already screamed at me about who they are for at least a year or more. I daydream and see what is happening before I ever write it down. It's like I'm telling my readers a story that someone else is telling me.

Have you ever written anything and thought; " The world has got to see this!" ? 
Hell yes, buy the book and you'll see! ;-)

Do you have an editor and Cover Designer or do you do this yourself? 
Well, the editor was paid for by a friend who believed in me more than I believed in my self. That fact is still true. I had a friend help me with the cover design. I had an idea of what I wanted but she did all the work.

That is awesome. It's always nice to see Indies being supported by their friends and family. Even if I am admittedly a little jealous. Mine seem to think that after eight years, I haven't given up on my "Hobby" yet. The reason mine is not edited perfectly yet. I have had a few readers help me out but that is about it. Not one person in my family has even bought any of my books and I have three English majors in my family. That's why I really respect family and friends who believe in a persons talent enough to help them instead of secretly waiting for them to fail. That's also why I support Indie Authors so much and advertise for them for free. I know how it feels to have zero help and no support system.

Who is your favorite author. Not just someone that you read allot. I wanna know whose book you read that made you suddenly know that if you didn't do this for the rest of your life then you would never be happy. 
I don't have a favorite author. Not just one. I don't have favorite anything. There are far too many choices i the world to narrow anything down to just one.

I can tell you this though, the author that made me feel like I could do this was Janet Evanovich. Her books, and Stephanie Plum character inspired my characters and story.

I freaking love Stephanie Plum!!! I was literally the first person in line the day One for The Money was released in theaters. I was positive they were going to do the whole series. That would have been awesome.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The marketing, it sucks.

Do you write your characters or do they write themselves through you? 
Oh, they absolutely write themselves. I have character voices in my head all day longing to get out and be heard, mostly at inappropriate times. I wish they didn't win so much. I'm not allowed in the grocery store, post office or church any more...

Same here. I have literally been caught having conversations with my characters when they were not cooperating. " Now, Ailis. You know if you go there, it won't be perceived well." She's all like: Have I ever listened to you before? Who is this book about? Me or you?

Do you ever write yourself into the characters? 
All the time! It's very real that way, and easy to get feelings across.

Is writing your full time job or are you "Keeping your day job"? So to speak.
Writing has cost me more than I've made from it. Since I don't live in a cave, and eat bugs, I am still employed full time by the "man/women/person/whatever-appropriate-politically-correct-word-is-right"

If you could go back in time and meet one famous person or legend in history, who would it be? 
Me! but that would mean going forward in time. Seriously though, it would be god, so I could tell her what's she's doing wrong.

LOL. I have tried that. Usually, my car breaks or something the next day. I'd say, She does not like to be told she is doing anything wrong.

In the world of Indie, marketing is very difficult, especially if you don't have the funds to pay for it. Have you found a great free way to market your work that you think other Indies will benefit from? 
Not yet. I have found a tom of free things but so have thousands of other authors.  We're all doing the same things. I'm still trying to figure out how to stand out. I've given up several times but something gets me started again. I guess my stupidity runs as deep as my sarcasm. ;-)

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