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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#IndieSpotlight of Brandy L Rivers @BrandyLRivers Author of In too Deep

Brandy L Rivers

The Title of Your Book: 
In Too Deep (Book 1: Others of Edenton)

Where are you from? 
Sumner, Washington

In what genre do you write? 
Paranormal Romance

In your own words, what is your book about? If you were not the author and trying to explain this awesome book you just read to a friend, what would you say about it? 
Gorgeous brokenhearted werewolf crashes into sexy tattoo artist. She saves him from more than just the vampires. As danger closes in, he’ll try to gain her trust while she tries to push him away. 

What is your writing style? Do you follow all guides and rules? 
Synopsis, outline etc. or do you just sit down at the computer and type to see what happens.
I sit down, start writing and go from there. I outline after the first couple times through and fill in blanks. I’m really not a plotter, although I will try to fit the missing pieces in where I can when I go back through. So yeah, I have no set of guidelines or rules.

Have you ever written anything and thought; " The world has got to see this!" ? 
Not exactly. It was more of, “I really want to share this.” I wasn’t sure anyone would like it at first, besides myself. So far, people seem to like it, which makes me ecstatic. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but as long as a few people love it, I’m happy.

Do you have an editor and Cover Designer or do you do this yourself?
No professional editor, but I do have help with editing. I did my cover. It’s a combination of an Istock picture, the girl, a wolf I snapped at the zoo, part of one of my tattoos, and the background was from a hunting trip. I played around with for a few hours and got everything put together how I wanted.

Who is your favorite author. Not just someone that you read allot. I wanna know whose book you read that made you suddenly know that if you didn't do this for the rest of your life then you would never be happy.
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I can’t say anyone author made me have to write. I think the fact that I haven’t read anything quite like mine made me want to put my stories out there. It’s not the very first I wrote. I have about 12 manuscripts I need to fix before I do something with them. This was the first one that was the closest, and had several books already in the works to go with it.

 Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
In this book there were a couple scenes I hated writing. There’s a conversation where Fallon and Robert are telling Brody something that happened in the past. The whole thing was horrible. Neither wanted to talk about it, but it needed to be said. So finding the right balance of emotion and fewer details to get it across was gut wrenching. I mean, I could have just flashed back or something, but I really didn’t want to go there. If you read it, you’ll probably understand.

Do you write your characters or do they write themselves through you?
I don’t know. I see my characters, I see the scenes, it plays out like real life in my head. Better than a movie. I see it all.

Do you ever write yourself into the characters?
There are aspects of me in some of the characters. I’m not any one person though.

Is writing your full time job or are you "Keeping your day job"? So to speak.
I’m a stay at home mom. I write to stay sane.

If you could go back in time and meet one famous person or legend in history, who would it be?
Elizabeth of Bathory. I want to pick her brain apart.

There are millions of new books released every year. What in your mind makes yours stand out from all those millions in your genre? 
I ignored the trends. You don’t usually see Druids. Usually it’s the guy who is covered in ink, and it was always Fallon who was the tattoo artist. Brody is an alpha-male but doesn’t mind his woman being a ton more powerful.

Plus, I didn’t write the book to please anyone. I wanted to tell the story I wanted to tell, how I wanted to tell it. Don’t get me wrong, I want people to like it, but I know not everyone will. That’s okay. No one book will be everyone’s favorite and no one person will love every book.

 In the world of Indie, marketing is very difficult, especially if you don't have the funds to pay for it. Have you found a great free way to market your work that you think other Indies will benefit from?
I’m networking, sending my book to reviewers. I post the book on twitter a couple times a week. I keep my facebook page active and have a website. I haven’t paid for advertising or anything, but networking seems to help. I’m still not sure I’m doing it all right, but I’m making it up as I go.

Enjoy this very unique character interview of Brody and Fallon from In Too Deep. 

Preston walked into the ugly ass room in the makeshift Silver Council center that Robert set up for the investigation. He sat down across from Fallon and Brody. The fiery redhead was kicked back, leaning against her man with her feet on the desk. She arched one single scarlet brow.

Brody nodded up at Preston and squeezed Fallon’s shoulder. “Afternoon, Preston.” He turned to Fallon. “Give him a break. He’s just doing his job.”

“And aggravating the hell out of me,” Fallon muttered. “Why did you call us in? You were there?”

Preston sighed and took a seat across from them. “You know its standard procedure. I hate this as much as you do. I just have to take your statement, and give me a little credit here. I am trying to make this painless. I did let you two in here together.”

Brody chuckled and looked over at Fallon. “See, he’s not so bad.”

Fallon snorted but her scowl melted into a smile when her gaze met Brody’s. “He has his moments.”

At one point, he wanted Fallon to look at him the way she looked at her mate, but watching her with Brody made him realize that Fallon wasn’t his. One day he’d find that, maybe with Jamie. “For the record, can you both state what flavor of Other you are?”

Fallon closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Brody smirked, “I’m a werewolf, and the pack’s second. Fallon is a druid.”

She nodded.

Preston decided to start with the easier of the two. “Brody, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a motorcycle mechanic.”

Fallon grinned back at Preston. “He prefers Harleys, so don’t bother bringing your Augusta to him. I told you it was a waste of money anyway.”

“It wasn’t a waste. I love that bike,” Preston insisted.

At least Fallon smiled as she sat up and put her feet on the floor. “So you say. You know I’m a tattoo artist. I’ve done most of your work.”

“All the best work,” Preston agreed.

Impatient as usual, she asked, “What else do you need to know?”

“Your official address. I have Brody’s on record.”
“Well, then you have mine.”

Preston just couldn’t help himself, “And your plans on a wedding?”

Brody and Fallon shared a look full of happiness and nodded. Brody looked back at Preston and answered, “We don’t have anything set in stone yet, but Fallon agreed to be my bride.”

For the first time ever, Preston saw Fallon’s cheeks color. “I did. We haven’t had much time to discuss it yet.”

Preston’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head. “You, married?”

Fallon glared back at him. “Yes, married. I finally found the perfect man. Why wouldn’t I?”

He shook his head. “I guess I just never imagined that outcome. What about children?”

“Anything’s possible,” Fallon admitted with a quick smile over at Brody.

Brody’s whole face lit up.

Preston had the sudden urge to flee the room. He felt like he was intruding on some private moment and cleared his throat. “Alright lovebirds, let’s get this show back on the road.”

“Right,” Fallon looked back over. She was obviously happier than any other time he had ever seen her over the years.

Guilt twisted through him, but he had to ask the next question. “Why did you both spare Damon after he threatened your life?”

Brody’s entire demeanor changed. He sat up straighter and his jaw clenched and his darker blue eyes faded to that icy shade of his wolfs. “That was Fallon’s choice.”

She pushed her hands through her hair and looked Preston in the eye. “He wasn’t in control. It wasn’t his fault.” She looked over at Brody. “Don’t worry, baby. I don’t want anything to do with him, but I don’t want him punished when I don’t believe he would have come for me under any other circumstances.”

“I know.” Brody grunted. “But you didn’t have to see him with his hand around your throat, ready to crush the life out of you.”

She pulled his face to hers. “I’m sorry. I just….”

He leaned in and placed a hard kiss to her mouth. “I know. Don’t be sorry. I get to be a little irrational when someone threatens you. You are my everything, Fallon.”

Preston looked away when she leaned in and kissed Brody just as passionately.

“Really, I don’t need the show,” Preston announced.

Fallon laughed.

Brody said, “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Fallon teased. “Preston can live with it. He’s the one who dragged us out of bed at five in the damned morning.” When Preston looked back, Fallon smirked. “That reminds me though. What happened with Dacia’s Soul Prison.”

Preston didn’t even hesitate. “Robert gave it to the Council for safe keeping. Don’t worry, they won’t let Malachi out.”

Fallon snorted. “I trust you, and I trust Robert, but not the rest of the damned Silver Council.”

Aw, you trust me?” Preston grinned.

“With certain things,” she answered reluctantly. “You managed to prove you have a heart, so don’t go blowing it with the smarmy attitude.”

Brody finally lightened up. “I still don’t see why you’re so hard on the mage. He’s been nothing but helpful since I’ve met him.”

Fallon’s eyes sparked as she glanced over at him. “I will never understand how he swayed you so easily, but trust me he can be a total ass.”

“Yeah, I remember how we met, but he was looking out for you.” Brody nudged her shoulder.

She grinned. “How the hell did I get so lucky to snag you?”

“I don’t know, but you sure did put up a fight, sugar.”

“Ugh, go home now. I think I have what I need,” Preston motioned toward the door. He had to admit, whatever those two had, he wanted his own.

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