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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Legacy Foretold Book 2 of The Avalon Legacies by Nicole Hill available now for Amazon Kindle.

  It's been over twenty years since Ailis began her tedious quest to right the terrible wrongs her ancestors mistakes caused to not just earth but Avalon. Just when she and Kenneth are back in Avalon and it's gates are once again open to their people, they get wind of a Legacy. It seems there is to be a final test from their goddess. It seems she will need proof that they have learned from the terrible mistakes of Merlin, King Arthur and Morgaine. If the test is failed, they will lose their home forever. Only this time, it is their children that will be tested. Ailis and Kenneth can only prepare them and then stand by, knowing they cannot interfere while their home, people's lives and the lives of one or both of their children are at stake. Will Ailis and her family finally make up for the atrocities of her ancestors or will they lose it all and be forced out of their home with no hope of ever being one with their maker again? 

  Karma has a very important job. A job that comes with the gift of Excalibur. A job she never wanted. Karma is the Assassin of the Goddess and is charged with hunting supernatural being that don't follow the rules. She is becoming more and more convinced that Excalibur has powers of his own. Karma and X, as she calls him, are a team. Together, they are invincible. 
She also has a family legacy that consumes her every waking thought. Karma is supposed to be watching for a deceiver. Someone she will want to trust but shouldn't and is in a constant state of confusion. She does not know what the right choice is and is terrified of failing her entire species. Her parent's risked everything to save Avalon and if she makes one false move according to her legacy, she will undue all that they have accomplished. This time however; it will be permanent. The goddess has given her family one last chance to right their wrongs. 

  Can Karma control her infamous temper or will she succumb to the same fate as her ancestor, Morgaine?